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Adult Use Recreational Cannabis, Edibles and Concentrates

Exceptional Customer Service Makes BOUTIQ Worth the Trip

If you want a North Shore dispensary with the best customer service in the area, take the Blue Line or take a drive to our East Boston dispensary, where you’ll find the best customer service in the region.

At BOUTIQ, our mission is to make extraordinary cannabis experiences accessible to all. If you need to manage chronic symptoms, unlock your creativity or simply relax, our staff will guide you to products that you will love. We carefully select everything we offer, and we provide the kind of expert advice and personal service that you find at high-end retailers.

We understand that recreational cannabis is difficult for many people to buy. You want the right combination of effects and quality. You want experiences that are pleasant and memorable. Our staff will help you achieve that with their in-depth knowledge of our products, and they will help you uncover what it is that you love most about cannabis.

Other North Shore dispensaries are happy just to have you buy. We want to make sure you love what you buy.

Visit Our North Shore Dispensary

71 Maverick Square,
East Boston, MA, 02128

Our Dispensary Is on the MBTA Blue Line

From Winthrop and Revere, take the MBTA Blue Line inbound to Maverick Station and walk toward Maverick Street. The dispensary is in the block on the right, steps away from the station.

From downtown Boston, take the Blue Line outbound to Maverick Station and walk toward Maverick Street. Via the Blue Line, Boston BOUTIQ dispensary is minutes away from the North End via Aquarium.

Drive to BOUTIQ in East Boston

Take Route 1A to the East Boston exit, then take Chelseas Street to Maverick Square. There is free on-street parking throughout the area. Evenings usually offer plenty of parking near our dispensary.

North Shore Dispelnsaries

While there are plenty of North Shore dispensaries, none offer the level of in-depth customer service that Boston BOUTIQ provides. Our adult use recreational cannabis dispensary is actually on the North Shore, next to Revere and Winthrop and close to Saugus, unlike dispensaries in Boston and Cambridge that claim to be nearby but take an hour to reach in a vehicle or on the MBTA.

We have the best-trained and most helpful staff of any dispensary near the North Shore, offering a selection of flower, tinctures, edibles, pre-rolls, concentrates and vapes that you won’t find anywhere else.

We understand how hard it is to find products you love, which is why we take the time to educate every customer on their options to find what will truly make you happy. We want to be your trusted source of cannabis knowledge, helping you unlock the experiences you want.

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